Version 1.8.1 Released

We released today the version 1.8.1 of Slide Effect Presentation Software (Professional and Standard Editions).

It is a maintenance release with just a few small bug fixes.

In details:

  • HD Export: Corrected a problem with the audio codec that leads to a conversion error.
  • Audio Export: When Play a sound was selected without any filename, the export wizard was displaying an error. This is fixed.
  • 2D Text: Corrected an issue when text was starting by a carrage return on some effects.
  • Version checker: A small popup is now automatically displayed if a new version is available.
  • Browser: We now use default browser when opening a URL instead of Internet Explorer.
  • Background Movie: Sound was lasting too long when exporting a looped movies in some cases.

Trial, Standard and Pro editions have been updated and are available for all registered customers (using “Product Updates” page). Existing users who want to upgrade to the Professional edition can check the upgrade page.

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