Version 1.7.3 Released

We released today the version 1.7.3 of Slide Effect Presentation Software (Professional and Standard Editions).

It is a maintenance release, but contains some nice enhancements. In details:

Object Apparition on click!

Texts, images or any other objects can appear on click!
It is now possible to choose between a delay and a click for displaying objects. You can change the order of apparition using the “Order” combo box.
On the main tab, you will see the order number on the top left of each “On Click” objects.

3D Cube face switch on click!

3D cube can now switch faces on click!
It is now possible to switch faces of the 3D cube on user click. Just choose one of the three following “Animation Effects”:

  • Standard (1) – On Click
  • Standard (2) – On Click
  • Standard (3) – On Click

Bug fixes

Other than these new features, there are a few bug fixes in this new version. Here follows the details:

  • Translations: Some texts were displayed in English even when the interface was in another language: it is fixed.
  • Water effect: Reduced a little bit the wave speed and amplitude.
  • Advanced Particles Effect: Changed display of “Random Speeds” with 3 decimals.
  • Image handling: Changed the way we handle image internally to avoid errors of type “The process cannot access the file XXX because it is being used by another process.”.
  • Transitions: Changed some details to make some transitions smoother (there was 1 pixel offsets on several).
  • New Click Object Display Mode: Objects can now appear after a delay or depending on user click
  • “Gang of three” font: Removed a problem that could lead to a “memory access violation” problem.
  • Movie Importation: *.mpg, *.mpeg and *.mp4 are now accepted.
  • Bug Report: Re-added user email in sent report.
  • Powerpoint Import: Corrected a bug when importing from powerpoint: some transitions were not correctly created.
  • Export to movie: Sometimes end of sound was cropped, it is now fixed.
  • 3D Cube: 3 new animation effects where you can change side on mouse click.
  • 3D Cube: Image size and aspect is handled in a better way.

Trial, Standard and Pro editions have been updated and are available for all registered customers (using “Product Updates” page). Existing users who want to upgrade to the Professional edition can check the upgrade page.

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