Version 1.7.4 Released

We released today the version 1.7.4 of Slide Effect Presentation Software (Professional and Standard Editions).

It is a maintenance release with just a few bug fixes. It fixes a big problem on 1.7.3 regarding transitions, so every user of 1.7.3 should update as soon as possible.

In details:

  • 3D Texts: Corrected an issue when displaying 3D texts with spaces and start/end effect “Letter by letter”.
  • Transitions: Due to a debug code released by error on 1.7.3, transitions were messed up on save. It is fixed, but you will have to set once again transitions on these presentations.
  • Main Tab contextual menus: Copy/Cut/Paste menu items are now correctly displayed when clicking on 3D texts and 3D cubes.
  • Copy/Paste objects: Cleaned up copy/paste objects: works better now.
  • Click Order: Corrected a problem when duplicating objects with click orders in it.

Trial, Standard and Pro editions have been updated and are available for all registered customers (using “Product Updates” page). Existing users who want to upgrade to the Professional edition can check the upgrade page.

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