Slide Effect 2 beta: FINALLY!

Yes, after a loooonnnng development time (first announcement of Slide Effect 2 was in early 2015), after numerous delays, the light seems to appear at end of the tunnel! Please read carefully: Lots of new on!

New Site

Version 2 of Slide Effect is closely linked to the website (to download or publish effects, transitions or backgrounds), so it was necessary to update the site in the same time as the software. The site was therefore redone from top to bottom to be able to live up to our ambitions. It should still change a little the first few weeks, but the main features are there.

It looks now modern, displays correctly on all devices and is available in English and French.

Slide Effect 2 beta

Version 2 of Slide Effect software is now available in beta on the download page. Try it, play with it and give me your impressions, criticisms, suggestions, I am waiting for!

Please note that older presentations made with Slide Effect 1 are not compatible with version 2. I know it’s sad, but it was very complicated to keep compatibility between files. That said, if you are sad, take a look at the next paragraph!

You may notice that there is (so far) less available effects than on version 1: this is expected. Since the effects can be downloaded separately, new effects will appear very quickly and regularly.

It is currently not possible to buy the Standard or Professional version of Slide Effect 2 because I want to polish the software a little bit more before putting it on sale, be patient please!

Online help is not yet written, but I’m going to start it as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please ask them on the forum.

Slide Effect 1 is now free

Last but not least: Slide Effect 1 is now free for everyone. Download it here and use the following key:


I won’t release any new updates to Slide Effect 1, I will focus on version 2.

Note that people who have purchased licenses in recent months will obviously get a discount or a free license for version 2. Everything is not decided yet, but, please, let down your pitchforks, I will try to do the best for everyone, knowing that the version 2 license will provide access to all future updates, not just for one year as before.

    • Raymond on August 29, 2016 at 20:30

    Bonjour Alain,
    Je viens de tester le logiciel… et je suis stupéfait du résultat.
    Bravo pour ce travail et vivement que l’on puisse acheter la dernière version..

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