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    I find it strange to have powerful 3d capability but not be able to do much animation ie custom paths, scaling, or a few steps of animation not just come/go.


    Yes it would be a nice feature, sure.

    But one of my main goal for Slide Effect is to keep the user interface as simple as possible. And I did not find any way to handle such features in a simple, complete and elegant way.

    But, for sure, I will add this in the future. (paths are already supported by the player).. as soon as I find a good way to handle this feature.


    I’m sorry to hear that. Old progs like powerpoint at butt-ugly but the flexibility they offer is top notch and the reason I use them. I would suggest you can have it both ways; you could have the feature but disabled by default (or only include it in the Pro version or something) so that “power users” who don’t need iPod-like simplicity can make mind-blowing presentations. What you’ve made so far is truly awesome but for people like me it’s just too limited and can’t be used as broadly as uglier competitors.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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