I have added 2 new examples of Slideshow in the Slideshow Examples section (previously named “Resources”):

Funky Musical Presentation: A music synchronized presentation.

Funky presentation screenshot

Ancient Egypt Presentation: A classic slideshow about ancient Egypt.

Egypt presentation screenshot

You can download the standalone executable version or the .sef project file.

More examples will come in the near future.

Version 1.1.4 of Slide Effect has been released. Here follows the main changes and new features:

  • Movies: Now supports Flash video (*.flv) as input.
  • 2D/3D Text: Double click on a “2D Text” or a “3D Text” item open a small dialog box where you can enter your text. (easiest to use than properties).
    Edit dialog box
  • Background/Transition GUI: Fixed some display problems when using several different backgrounds.
  • Garbage Collection: Manually added many garbage collector calls when opening/saving/erasing a document to avoid “Process cannot access” problems.
  • Fade transition: fade with logo was a bit strange, it is now fixed.
  • Reflection effect: bug fix: sometimes reflection image was not removed when object was hidden.
  • Color Pick Dialog: Custom color are now stored.

For a complete list of changes, check the “Version History” page in the help file.

Trial and full version have been updated.

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This morning I released 1.1.3 version of Slide Effect.

It corrects only one more bug than version 1.1.2: When opening several project files, no more errors are displayed.


Version 1.1.2 of Slide Effect has been released. It is another bug fix release.



  • Screensaver export: Slightly modified event handler.
  • Reflection effect: Corrected minor bugs.
  • Move slide up/down: Corrected a problem when a slide has been deleted.
  • Multiple shape background: Bug fix when zoom effect is off.
  • Slide preview control: Added a scrollbar when a slideshow has many slides.
  • Bug report: Added an optional description field.

As usual, trial and full version have been updated.

A new version has been released to correct, mainly, one bug in the screensaver export on Windows XP.


I have also slighty modified the error/bug report: you can now insert your email in the bug report, so I can contact you for feedback and tell you when a particular bug is corrected, or also to ask you more information about a particular bug. Please fill this field it will help me a lot to correct issues.


Obviously, this address won’t be used for spam or promotional emails.


Trial and full version have been updated.

The new version of Slide Effect (1.1.0) is available, Trial and full version have been updated and are available for download.

The main new features are:

Screensavers and Standalone Executables Exportation

A new menu item has appeared on the file menu: Export Presentation…

New exportation menu

If you click on it, a small wizard will appear and you will be able to create your own installable ( thanks to Inno Setup ) screensaver or executable.

New exportation wizard
Wizard first step

Exportation finished
Installable screensaver is created

Preview of screensaver in windows xp
And finally, show the preview of your screensaver in Windows

Reflection Effect

Reflection effect is available for 2D Text, images and movies objects. I have already described this feature in one of my previous post.

Bug fixes

I have fixed some major bugs in the previous version:

  • Bug fix: Add slide when a slide has been removed does not throw an error anymore.
  • Bug fix: Load twice the same sef file does not throw an error anymore.
  • Bug fix: Music settings does not throw an error anymore when open twice.

I would like to thanks all the users who send me automatic bug reports: I read each of them, and it helps me a lot to track issues and bugs, please keep it going!

What’s next?

Well, I am still working on more export formats (movies and shockwave flash export). I really pushed hard to put these format in this version, but, even if movie export is already working, I need more time to polish everything, so I decided to postpone these features to the next version.

I will also try to add new background effects in the next version and more 2D text options. Comments are welcome if you need something specific.

Have fun!


A quick update regarding the next version of Slide Effect. Export options are progressing well, I’m working on it, but it takes more time than planned. Anyway, the first export mode is already fully implemented and tested:

Installable Standalone Executables: You will be able to create a standalone installer for your favorite slideshow and you will be able to share it with all your friends and family without any additional download or install.

Right now I’m working on an another export mode: Installable Screensaver Export.

Yes, that’s right you will be able to create your own screensaver (and even sell it) using Slide Effect!

All these new features will be available on the next version of Slide Effect, and maybe even a third export mode if I have time to implement it.

Since the last Slide Effect bug fix, I have worked to integrate some new features to it.

I am glad to present to you the first new feature of the upcomming 1.1.0 version: reflection!

Reflection example in slide effect preview window

Reflection is available for images, standard texts and even movies!

There is now a new flag just on the bottom of the shadow flag in the properties window, check it, and you have automatic reflection on your objects.

Reflection property

Reflection is fully implemented and tested and I’m starting to work on some exporters for Slide Effect.

New version 1.0.1 is released.

As announced, it is a bug fix release with no new features.

Here follows the list of fixes:

  • Media list in .sef file: Fixed a bug when re-opening an existing .sef file without changing transition or backgrounds (some medias were not saved in the archive.)
  • Character collision effect: Fixed a small bug on it (text was too spaced at the end of the effect)
  • Delete an object: Fixed a bug when no object was selected and delete button was still enabled.
  • 2D Text: Unsupported characters (like €) does not throw anymore an error, they are simply not displayed.
  • 3D Text: Corrected a scale bug with some start/end effects.
  • GUI Fonts: If a title fonts is not found, it search for another one and does not display an error anymore.
  • Error Dialog: Added Windows version into the bug report.
  • Error Dialog: Dialog is automaticaly closed when bug report is sent.
  • FFMpeg: Replaced GPL FFMpeg by the LGPL version.
  • Error Dialog: Added Windows version into the bug report.
  • File/Exit menu: Confirmation dialog added.

Free trial and full version have been updated.

I’m already working on the next version. It will have new exciting features on it, more information soon.