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    Hi ….I am new this software and trying to get some tips on how to make adding text easier in this software(pro version).

    It is difficult to add average amounts of text and size it easily for presentation. In a cut and paste format…its hard to tell where text needs to be broken to be able to fit on your display page….I am two days away from a presentation…I am an advanced MSPowerpoint user….but wanted something more dynamic.

    My problem may lie in the expectation for snap in type performance…any help would be appreciated.


    I think the best to have a direct feedback on the text formating is to put a blank “enter your text” element on the slide, and then type the text directly in the text box in the property column (on the right).

    This way the text will automatically update when typing.

    Using Copy/Paste, do the same: copy/paste your raw text, then format it using the right edit box to have direct feedback.

    Hope it helps.


    Thanks for your answer. I was hoping there was a way to either have the text fold inside the box, or a larger text box to work in so you can see the limitations as you type. A slider at the side of the text box would also be useful. This is fantastic software but difficult to line up text etc which is a huge part of most power points.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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