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    Hi Alain, I am using version Version 2.0.9

    1. I had multiple crashes after updating to the latest version today. Only SE and Microsoft Word were being used at the same time. Crashes occurred when changing text in a text box, importing text from the clipboard or when importing and then moving and resizing a new graphic.I have now resorted to the same safety precautions I was using in Version 1, I now save after every change to the presentation.

    2. There is still something wrong with the text box when editing text. If I click in a line of text and start typing the first letter is inserted and then the cursor jumps to the top left point on the text box and my text shows up there, if I then go back to the place where the text is supposed to go, the cursor stays in the right place and the text is inserted properly.

    3. I’m not quite sure that the style effects are working correctly. when selecting text the Color option boxes don’t seem to change anything, I’m not quite sure what the check boxes are for (some help explanations would be helpful).

    4. In Presentation mode, individual lines that are marked to Appear on Click … don’t always work. Today during my presentation, all of the items that had the Appear on Mouse Click options set, all appeared on the screen at the same time. When testing on the computer screen, they are inconsistent. Sometimes the presentation would work as designed then at other times it would just dump all the items on a page on the screen at the same time.

    Look forward to the next release.

    Best Regards


    Hi Rick.

    Thanks for the feedback, I will take a look at these issues this week: keep you informed.


    Point (2) will be fixed in 2.0.10. Still investigating other issues.


    Point (3) has been reworked: In fact, if you use black color for text (default color) the text can be properly “skinned” using the style property tab. If you set another color, the text will use that custom color as base color and will try to follow the skin as much as he can.

    In the actual version if you set explicitly the texts to be black it is not skinned, this is fixed.

    I also added a quick explanation on the bottom of the window.


    Point (4) will be fixed in 2.0.10

    I am still not able to reproduce crashs of point (1), then I will not fix that for next version, but if you have more infos or a SEF file that reproduce the bug I will be happy to fix it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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