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    Firstly I think the Program is the absolutely Fantasic. I have brought the standard Addition. I have worked out how to get it to play on the tv with a USB stick.Firstly I use the exportation wizard. and once it has converted I then run WinAvi Video Converter and change to avi. Transfer to stick and insert stick into usb port on tv and play. The only problem is it wont play continuesly and stop dead at the end. The slide that has the the youTube video on it goes black for 3 secs and then continues. I hope this makes sense and if you have any Ideas on fixing the problem I would be appreciated.


    First question: after running the exportation wizard, is the exported movie Ok? or the problem is when you convert using WinAvi?

    Second question: Why do you need WinAvi? you can export as AVI directly on Slide Effect.


    hi Alain,
    I found the file that the exportation wizard makes does not work on the usb in the TV. It says wrong format even though it is a avi file.. So When I converted it with Win Avi to their .avi file it did start to play on the TV using the USB port. The only thing is it was very jerky and the sound was crackly and screen size 4.3. So I decided to use a disc. which was ok . If you put on a dvd+- rw it will erase an old file so you can replace it saves on disc usage.Which is why I was hoping to use a usb stick. thanks for your reply anyway.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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