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    If you encounter problems using Slide Effect, please do the following:

    1) Download and run the following test program:
    This tool will send a report to our server.

    2) Then, send us a mail to with the following informations:

    • Detailed description of the problem you encounter.
    • If the problem occur on a particular presentation, please send us the project file (*.SEF) using service.

    Then we will mail you back as soon as possible.

    joe opus

    Unable to start slide show of approx. 350 slides. Receive error code se.exe has stopped working. Unable to load the following texture\tmp\635206705520084733_bitmap.png

    Downloaded and ran test program. email forwarded, I think.


    I just sent you an email.


    I have not been using the Slide Effect Presentation for a while, To day upon uploading the pictures, I notice that the pictures lost their colors/discolored after loaded . I’ve never had this issue before.
    What did I do wrong?
    Please advise.

    Many Thanks,
    Thai Ta


    Seems also strange to me. Did this occur with a picture or a movie? If it is a movie the problem may come from bad codecs installed on your computer. If it is picture, well.. send me a test SEF file to let me check if I am able to reproduce the issue.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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