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    I have a problem with this presentation with more than 50 slides. When you open the exported executable file it does not show the background of the slide and some of the inserted pictures does not show. Can you help me with this problem. This the first presentation to be submitted by this week.



    First question: are you using the last version of Slide Effect (ie 1.5.1)? We improved a lot of things regarding memory management on this version. So be sure you are using it.

    Does your presentation plays correctly when used inside Slide Effect instead of exported as executable?

    If not, is it possible for you to send me the faulty presentation so I can give it a look?

    I already created 100+ slides presentation without any problem, so we should figure out what’s going on.


    I’m using the latest version.

    Before I exported the presentation i tried to preview it and it also not showing some of the inserted images & the background as well. I can not send you the file because it is too big around 230MB.


    I responded to you by email.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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