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    Hi Alain
    I am merging 11 weeks of SE presentations into ONE slideshow – but am getting “Exception of type”system.Out of Memory exception” was thrown.

    Overall size would be 379mb and total slides 373.
    SE ver 1.9.5

    Any Ideas?



    Well, should be a memory issue (yes I am very smart 🙂 )

    More seriously, when does this error occur?
    – during the merge operation?
    – just after the merge, when refreshing thumbnails?
    – later?

    If possible, please send the report to our server when asked, it would help me a lot to understand where I use too much memory.


    Thank you Alain

    Have built the Project in 2 Parts and the error occurs when I try to merge the second part with the first- I would say about 20% into the merge- and then seams to reverse the merge to leave me with Part one only.

    Which report and what server?



    Usually when you have an “unexpected” error like this, Slide Effect displays a popup with a red cross, displaying the error with two buttons on the bottom: one to close the error report and the other to send the error to us.

    If you have this kind of dialog, please press “send a report”.

    Anyway, I’ll investigate this issue tomorrow morning (it is the evening here). I’ll keep you informed.


    Hi Paul,

    I investigated your issue this morning.

    I found a problem with the “undo manager”: when merging presentations, Slide Effect was storing each operation in the undo manager (as if you were doing this manually). This operation takes memory and time: I corrected this problem.

    Please try the new 1.9.7 beta2 (available on “Product Updates” section of the site). Merge presentations should now use a lot less memory and works also faster.

    Keep me informed of the result. If it works flawlessly I’ll release officially 1.9.7 soon.


    Many Thanks Alain

    That goes a long way to curing the problem…
    But as i progressed through the presentation I could see the “reaction time” of my edits getting progressively longer….
    so constant saves and SE shutdown and restarts needed to prevent crashing….But project now complete..

    Many thanks again.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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