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    When using “Script”style fonts, the spacing between some of the letters is incorrectly displayed.

    I am using “kunstler script” in a presentation and when letters that have large overhanging swirls are displayed the text is weird. If you use this font, try typing “Sports Hall of Fame”and it looks like there are additional spaces between some of the letters.

    Is there an easy fix for this? It’s the same with fonts: Exmouth, Freestyle Script, Old Script, Quilline Script Thin.

    Cheers, Scott.


    Hi Scott,

    Unfortunately there is no easy fix for that. As Slide Effect provides “characters by characters” effects, we have to store the fonts in a particular way. In most of the cases it is ok, but for scripts fonts, often the spacing is too large.

    We are working on a better system. This system will be used in the next version of our other product (Banner Effect) and allow perfect rendering of any fonts (including scripts), but does not allow (yet) “characters by characters” effects.

    We will try to adapt this new system to the next version of Slide Effect, but it needs work and it is not sure it will fit our needs.

    So, no promises, but hopefully it will be fixed for 1.10.0.


    HI Alain..
    I also have a font problem…
    It started with the new release of V1.10.0
    When im adding or edit text then after im done and after it close the edit window the text disappear.
    Same thing if load a sef file made before V1.10.0 and im trying to make changes to the text … it disappear
    any idea?

    Have a great day…
    /Goran (servace)


    Hi Alain,

    Not only is the text disappears, the photo picture and wmv movie can not be found by slide effect. All there were in the slides correctly just hours ago. Did receive an error message to report these changes. I did not on that screen.



    Hi MSB… have you cheked in the folder where you saved the last file… it might have been saved by slide-effect as a bak file. if so just remove the “.bak” at the end of the file name and try load it again.
    Just a suggestion.


    I there,

    I am not aware of the problem.

    Can you tell me how I can reproduce the issue step by step? It would help me a lot to figure out what’s going on.

    I will take a deeper look on this issue on Monday morning.



    I reproduced the issue. I will correct the problem on 1.10.1 that should be released tomorrow.

    In the meantime, just use the “text” field in the right properties tab to edit the text.


    1.10.1 released.

    It fixes the problem.


    Hi Alain ..
    Im Sorry for not checking in here for abit…

    Ok I Will Try 1.10.1 🙂
    Thank You for the hard work…your doing a fantastic job.



    Than You Alain… the latest version/update solved my font problems…works like a charm now 🙂

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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