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    This is in regards to both the StarWar Effects and the Rolling Credits.

    Regardless of the amount of text, both have the following issues.

    1. Neither start at the bottom of the screen.
    The StarWar effect starts at the top of the screen.
    The Rolling Credits effect starts above the screen out of sight.
    2. They both fade in and out and start over after a few seconds. (3 or 4 seconds)
    3. The bottom of the text is never displayed on the screen.

    I created a test slideshow and will send it to you directly. I thought, I could upload files. The TestSlideshow.sef will show the above issues. The Start and End Effects are all set to None. No external files or dedicated paths are needed to run the slideshow. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and I figured it would be easier this way.

    The last two slides have 3 sections of line numbered text with blank lines in between. After viewing, remove the last section in both frames and display again.

    I found the issues when creating my slideshow and trying to determine the time to advance to the next slide. I was trying to time when the text started displaying at the bottom of the screen until it disappeared off the top of the screen.

    As a side note, is it possible to add scroll bars when editing text and text is larger than the editing window? It’s not that big of an issue but since I was reporting this, I thought I would ask.

    If you have any questions or need additonal info, let me know.




    Thanks for the report and the test case. I will fix that for the next version. I am actually rewriting all effects, so I will take a special look to the Starwars effect.

    Regarding the scrollbar for text editing, I will try to fix that.

    Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate.

    Don’t hesitate to mail me back if you have any other question or issue: I am always happy to help.

    Best regards,


    Hi Alain, I’ve downloaded the latest version that says that the rolling credits animation has been fixed. It still does not work properly. It starts off fine but as the text rolls up, it starts fading, eventually the text disappears altogether and it starts again from the beginning.

    Please assist. I have about 20 lines of text. It fades off completely around the 10th line and starts again from line 1.




    I just downloaded the 1.12.5 and tested the same TestSideshow.sef I had sent earlier, and then created a new one with the same text. Both experience the same issues using the the 29 lines of text.

    Line 1 starts approximately 20% from the top and and as new lines appear, they progress lower on the screen. The lines start to fade at the same 20% mark and progress lower as well, meaning the following.

    This effects both the Rolling Credits and the Star War effects

    Line 19 is the first line that appears from the bottom of the screen and fades out at mid screen.
    Line 29 is the last line that appear from the bottom of the screen and fades after scrolling two lines.

    I created a new test, TestSideshow2.sef, and added 20 lines more of text, 59 lines total. Slide 1 is the Stars War effect and slide 2 is the Rolling Credits effect. The font and size if the defaults and the length of the slides is 106 seconds to display each two times. Also note the following is based on a 4×3 screen viewing.

    It appears, that the test is using an “invisible window” and that window progressively slides down during the presentation.

    With the new TestSideshow2.sef and the Rolling Credits effect, the first line displayed fine is line 7, you never see lines 1 through 5 and barely see line 6. At the end, since the “invisible window” keeps sliding down, you barely see line 44 and never see lines 45 through 49.

    With the new TestSideshow2.sef and the Stars War effect, you barely see line 41 and never see line 42 through 49.

    Rolling Credits effect Assumption
    I would assume, that the rolling credits would start appearing from the bottom of the screen and keep scrolling until the last line scrolls off the top of the screen with no fade effects at all. The creator would set the duration time based on when the last line scrolls off the screen.

    Star Wars effect Assumption
    I thought the original effect would start scrolling from the bottom of screen and as it scrolls to the top, the line gets narrower. They all would fade out about 10 – 15% from the top. Again, the creator would time it from the start of the first line until the last one fades out through the duration time.

    Is it possible, since you can’t specify, during the creation of the SEF, whether a presentation is targeted for 4×3, letterbox vs widescreen, if this has bearing on the issues, with the “invisible window”?

    I have sent the TestSideshow2.sef, via email. Let me know if you have questions, on the above.


    Windows 7, SP1, x64
    Slide Effects 1.12.5


    I will take a look on that. More information later.


    ok, this should be fixed in new beta.


    Alain, both effects are now working as expected.

    Thanks for the quick turnaround, much appreciated.

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