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    Can an option to have bigger slideshow control thumbnail be available? Maybe twice the size of what it is now. I want to use it as a worship presentation software. It would be very helpful if the operator can read the verse/chorus line/bridge on the slide. Ability to add a label would also be helpful.. like if slide #3 is a chorus then the label would be 3 Chorus… if slide #7 is the bridge then the label would be 7 Bridge. On our current worship presentation software, which is of course boring compared to what your program can do, numbers are keyboard short cuts for the slide number, “C” for the slide labeled chorus, “B” for the slide labeled bridge.



    – Custom labels for slides is already on our todo list and will be added soon.
    – I add bigger thumbnail to the todo list.
    – Regarding keyboard shortcuts, I’ll check what is possible.

    Thanks for your feedback!


    This may be helpful. In a Sunday service, we use at least 4 songs. So there will be 4 verse 1, 4 chorus, 4 bridge… etc. When we were using powerpoint, each song had its own slide background/color and we have to increase the thumbnail size so we can read the lyrics. Label option, ability to (fill) color the label frame (or color the label/text) and ability to increase the size of the thumbnail will make this an easy to use worship presentation software. Thank you for looking into it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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