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    It seems to me that when using images within “SE” they do not get optimised in any way and are kept at their original file size and compression.

    This means a presentations, like my one on the examples page, can get quite large (11mb).

    This means that if we apply web design rules, as if we were designing for 56k modems, the file size of the final presentation or screensaver will be much smaller and hence should not trigger the remaining memory leak etc and will be much easier to download.

    Obviously the bare bones engine and stock effects will take up some space as well as the physical number of slides.

    I will try this over the next week or so and will post results here, it will be nice to see how small we can get an effective and visually “impressive” presentation.

    Also, if anyone else wants to try to fiddle with mine or their own, feel free and post your results here.


    Lok aka frank


    I think I could do some enhancements in the engine too (some pictures are always bundled in the package even if you don’t use it in your presentation.

    About the picture, the problem is a little bit more complicated than what you describe:

    We do not keep the original size and compression, we transform every picture in PNG format, and we rescale it by power of 2 sizes. It is a hardware requirement to use power of 2 sizes when dealing directly with 3D hardware.

    So for instance if you create a 100×150 logo, it will be stored on a 128×256 picture. A good practice is to always use directly power of 2 sizes when you create pictures (32,64,128,256,512,1024 and so on)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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