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    It would be cool to import 3d objects created form well known 3d creators like Blender, Max, Maya and then import it as a .3ds or .dxf, .obj from here one can texturize, size, scale, move and then lastly add wizzard animation or keyframe animation for the final effect and lastely a support for widescreen 16:9 tv as I noticed on my latop it shows up as 4:3.


    Import 3D Object

    I am working on a background mode where you can choose one 3D Object (.3ds, .x or .b3d), choose a texture, then choose a skybox and some effect, and choose a camera move.

    It is not ready yet, but will be available in a next version for free for customers like you.

    16/9 – 4/3

    We decided to always use 4/3 mode even when the screen is on 16/10 format (yep on PC it is 16/10 instead of 16/9, go figure out…).

    The problem is the same than when you are watching a 4/3 program on your new 16/9 flat screen: you can choose to have black rectangles on the left and the right, you can choose to crop the picture or to change the ratio, but each of these solutions are not perfect, so, for now, we choose to stick to 4/3.

    Maybe we will support 16/10 in the future but it is not in our priorities.

    BTW, when you do a public projection of a Slide Effect presentation, beamers are always 4/3.


    by the way, the forum was closed and I don’t know where you find the link to access it!

    So I have opened the forum (sooner than planned) for you. 😉


    Hello all

    Was the import 3ds/obj etc ever implemented?

    I understand that a full realtime renderer is probably out of the scope of this software, but the ability to import and object and give it one texture, especially a reflective one, would be great for company logos etc.

    The rotations and existing 3d text effects would be enough for most presentation purposes.

    If its in the software and Ive just missed it, what are the limitations on file size/vertices/faces etc?




    No it is not yet implemented.

    I have started to work on it, but, as now, I did not find any way to make it easy to use but still powerful, so I have not added it in the official release.

    I will add it in the future for sure, but it is not my highest priority.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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