Slide Effect 2.0.10 released

We released today the version 2.0.10 of Slide Effect.

It is a maintenance release with some bug fixes.

Changes in details:

  • Corrected a problem on FX editor preview with texts
  • Corrected a problem on FX editor with “time per character” displayed for anim effects.
  • Lua functions GetMusicBass(), GetMusicMedium(), GetMusicTreble and GetMusicVolume() fixed.
  • Text edition: cursor is not anymore moved to start of text when text is pasted.
  • Text edition: now black text is used as default template color, so it can be skinned by the style property.
  • Text edition: added a text to explain the black text behavior.
  • French: Download background/fx french links have been corrected.
  • Download backgrounds/effects: corrected a problem when downloading several effects/backgrounds in the same time.
  • Download background/effects: already downloaded backgrounds/effects are displayed on the page.
  • Backgrounds/Effects context menu: it does not appear anymore on default effects/backgrounds.
  • Changes on some texts to be more accurate
  • Corrected an issue for “On Click” objects appearing all at the same time in some conditions.
  • Fonts for 2D texts are only listed if they are available in regular/bold and italic style to avoid issues later.
  • Corrected a problem when creating a movie containing a movie without sound.
  • Corrected crop issues with long movies.
  • Corrected an issue when exporting 4k movies with some ratio.
  • It is not anymore possible to save or publish an effect/background without a correct name and description.

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